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Wine Tasting 6-8pm
Sunday Noon - 6pm
Wine Sales begin at 12:30pm in compliance of the Cherokee Co. Wine Ordinance.

FREE Wine Tastings every Saturday Night! All we ask is you please make an item purchase.

Upcoming Events

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Free Artisan Wine Tasting

Every Saturday, 6pm – 8pm
All we ask is you please make an item purchase.


EggTravaganza Sale

Crack into savings date

Mar 1 – 31, 2018

Crack into savings during the month of March! Easter comes early this year and you can save up to 40% Off of your most expensive single item on your purchases of the day. Pick an Easter Egg from our basket and crack it open to find out what your savings will be!


girl scout cookies and wine pairings 

Max Presents Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing

Thursday, March 15   8:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday, March 17    6:00pm – 9:00pm

The Gifted Ferret's Danube River Wine Cruise
Follow Our Trip Online or Join Us

7 Night Cruise from Prague to Budapest Departing March 23, 2018 

For Immediate Information, Call Celtic Hearts Travel to Book @ 239-464-9014.

Danube River Cruise AmaCerto Balcony Stateroom micro1

ama gold




Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Pairing

truffle pairing

Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Pairing Registration

Public Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Wine Pairing Events are offered on select Friday nights at The Gifted Ferret from 8pm - 9:30pm. These events are scheduled approximately once a month and additional events may be added if demand is high. Please review the schedule listed below to select the tasting event that you would like to attend. Complete Event Calendar

Registration is mandatory to secure seats. These events requires pre-registration and cost $20.00 per person at the door. Pre-purchase tickets up to 24 hours prior to the event and save 50%, only $10.00 per person.

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private events


 Groups can obtain additional information and schedule a Private Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Pairing Event by clicking here.

Times are limited to availability to comply with the Cherokee County Wine Tasting Ordnance. Blackout Times are every third Thursday from 8-10pm, every Saturday from 6-8pm and during any pre-scheduled public wine tastings or classes.


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